Bugatti Chiron

Speaking to AutoBlog, Andy Wallace said the engine still has the power it can give at that point. Stating that it can reach 490 km / h, Wallace recalled the 8.0-liter W16 engine and 1590 horsepower output. As you know, the vehicle was produced in collaboration with chassis specialist Dallara and tire specialist Michelin. This means that the vehicle undergoes intense performance and body regulation.

Wallace: “I don’t think that speed was the end point of the vehicle, because I kept accelerating. You’re driving a kilometer every seven seconds at that speed. That’s why you need a distance to safely stop and accelerate enough.”

Stating that they noticed the Eh overhang Eh at Ehra-Lessien, the pilot said that he could not accelerate the vehicle as much as he wanted: Pist The runway has been redesigned and one of the bends is not as straight as it should be. The suspension of the vehicle rises and you sit on the ground with a swing. ”

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