Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

We have seen things like LP 640, EVO or SVJ from Lamborghini, which uses both letters and numbers in model naming. What makes FKP 37 special? The letters F, K and P come from Ferdinand Karl Piëch, the grandson of Ferdinan Porsche and former chairman of Volkswagen. The celebrated ruler, who recently died, represents the number at the end of the FKP.
So why did Lamborghini use such a name in Sian? What is the name of the most powerful model in the history of the brand, which has a great place in the legacy of Volkswagen and Porsche? If it wasn’t for Piëch, there might not be a Lamborghini right now. At the time, Piëch, chairman of the Volkswagen Group, played a major role in the acquisition of Lamborghini in 1998.
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