Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SGC007 LMP

About a year ago, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus introduced us to the SCG 007. This tool, which was also shown on social media, succeeded to be a model that the company wanted to take to Le Mans. The aim of the company was to become the first American company to win this race after the Ford GT40. James Glickenhaus, the boss of the manufacturer, revealed the final version of the vehicle with the renderings he shared yesterday.
As you know, many details are hidden in Glickenhaus’s shares. According to the details in the Facebook post, behind the driver is a 3.0-liter dual-turbo V6. But the power, gearbox or weight of this engine is completely enigmatic. If the SCG wants the car to run for a general win at Le Mans, the power output must be very high.

In the original post shared last year, SCG said it would produce only two LMP1s. In addition, the company plans to produce 25 models suitable for the road. All of these models will be sold for $ 1 million.

SCG continues to share renderings continuously. But we can see that some models slowly come down the street. The first model that we met in August has attracted our attention.

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